Glass Pebble is a blown-glass product which recreates the beauty of pebbles. Pebbles are washed in the river or the ocean and clash one another for a long time, then turned into slick and round shapes. It is often compared to characters of human beings, as they are all different and beautiful. Recreating the beauty of mother nature by human-made techniques teaches us paradoxical enjoyment, and the glass pebbles we produce are now introduced by CHACOLI as an expression of intriguing beauty.

It requires very high level of skill to create asymmetric shapes of natural pebbles by glass blowing technique, because it should normally be made symmetric. Every glass pebble blown intuitively without molds is original, as well as natural stones are. Smooth and cold texture of glass curiously resembles natural pebbles. This product can deliver unique experience in your palms, not only just by your eyes.